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Subject to any changed restrictions flowing from the Covid 19 pandemic, your Committee has made the following decisions to go forward this year.


The 2020 Bonus game originally scheduled to be held at Adelaide Shores Patawolonga course on 17 August has been cancelled due to financial constraints caused by the cancellation of monthly events over the past 4 months. 


The Riverland Tour set down for August 31st to September 4th 2020 will definitely go ahead although the final format may not be known for some time given the ever changing COVID 19 restrictions.        Members should have received their Entry Form by now and, if not, they can download a copy from the METRO TOUR/RIVERLAND PAGE or should  contact the Tour Director, Harry Larsen.    Entries close no later than Friday 24th July 2020.


Christmas/Presentation Lunch.  Irrespective of the number of games played this year, due to the financial constraints imposed by the cancellation of events, the cost will be a flat $50.00 for ALL members with the exception of T.T.G. members who will have to pay $35.00 and Life Members.


As further incentives for players at the monthly events, the Committee has decided to introduce with effect from August an ‘Eagles Nest’ commencing with 6 balls and accumulating by 3 balls each month.  A  new ‘Eagles Nest’ will commence each calendar year.  Also, a ‘Five Point Nest’ will commence at the same time with 3 balls and increase by 3 balls each month.  A new ‘Five Point Nest’ will commence each calendar year.


Finally, Members would be aware that various Monday events through the calendar year count towards the President's, Captain's and TyrePower Trophies, and that normally the best/2nd best 6 individual results are aggregated for the Champion's Trophy/Runner Up.


Before the COVID 19 restrictions came into force, round one of the Captain's Trophy and round one of the TyrePower Trophy were held. There are insufficient Monday games remaining to cater for the traditional 3 round total for these and the President's Trophy. Consequently, Committee has decided that they will be held over 2 rounds. The website Programme page has been amended to reflect these changes.


The monthly winners challenge round WILL be held at Tea Tree Gully.


Monday games for the year Jan - Nov will total 7 and the Club Champion and Runner Up respectively will be decided from the players with the best and second best four (4) round aggregate, in lieu of the usual best six (6) round aggregate, from those 7 rounds.

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